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Commission Vacancies

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There are two (2) vacancies currently.

La Comisión de Asuntos Latinos del Condado de Santa Cruz

Goals and Objectives

  • Attend and participate in community meetings that are pertinent to the Commission and its mission;
  • Continue ongoing review of Disproportionate Minority Contact task force project;
  • Receive community input from Immigrant rights advocates and other members of the public on how the federal Secure Communities program is affecting the County and in particular the Latino community and immigrants of all ethnicities. Collaborate with the Sheriff's in his task force in order to provide guidance on how to improve the program within the County;
  • Receive and disseminate information regarding higher education and future job opportunities for local Latino high school students in Santa Cruz County
  • Partner with the Human Care Alliance and others for the continuation of funding for non-profits during the upcoming budget years to ensure efforts to promote equitable funding;.
  • Continue to support community organizations and the County through the co-sponsorship of the local annual Citizenship and Immigration Forum, the Bi-National Health Week, the Watsonville Cesar Chavez Event, Stop the Silence Walk in Watsonville and other events/ activities that inform and educate the entire community on issues affecting the Latino community;
  • Meet at least once a year with the Supervisor and/or City Council member who appointed/nominated him or her to provide updates on Latino Affairs Commission related issues;
  • Advise the Board of Supervisors regarding the promotion of economic development;
  • Meet with the Board of Supervisors and other elected officials to promote college readiness

Actividades de la Cómision

Desde 2011, la comisión se ha enfocado en los siguientes temas:

  • Apoyar derechos de inmigrantes y recomendar cambios sobre el programa federal de deportación ( “Federal Secure Communities”),
  • Recomendar el apoyo del Acto Estatal (Assembly Bill 1081A) tocante reforma para inmigrantes;
  • Copatrocinar la Semana Binacional de Salud ( Bi-National Health Week), Cesar Chavez Youth Awards ( reconocimientos para jóvenes) en Watsonville, Stop the Silence Walk ( Caminar para Cesar el Silencio) en Watsonville, y el foro de Ciudadanía e Inmigración ( Citizenship and Immigration Forum),
  • Trabajar con la organización “The Human Care Alliance” y otras agencias para que organizaciones comunitarias sigan recibiendo fondos en una manera justa.
  • Comunicar con sus supervisores y otros representantes sobre asuntos importantes que afectan la comunidad latina, por ejemplo, desarrollo económico, mejoramiento de educación escolar, y viviendas para todos ingresos.


The Commission reviews and makes recommendations to the County Board of Supervisors, authorized under County Ordinance 2.117 in its efforts to ensure that the interests of the County's Latino population are protected and promoted as follows::

(A) Advise the Board of Supervisors on any significant problems currently encountered by the County's Latino residents;

(B) Review the needs of Latino citizens in the County, and recommend comprehensive goals and objectives for effectively meeting those needs;

(C) Monitor the various services made available to Latino citizens by public and private agencies in the County and make recommendations to the Board of Supervisors on how County government can help ensure effective and efficient delivery of those services;

(D) Develop a procedure to identify and set priorities regarding the areas of greatest need for County support and/or attention, and prepare annual recommendations to the Board of Supervisors regarding specific courses of action in response to identified needs and priorities;

(E) Advise the Board of Supervisors how best to cooperate with local, State, Federal and private agencies serving Latino citizens, and assist in the preparation, implementation, and review of any regional plan or program designed to serve Latino citizens;

(F) Advise the Board of Supervisors how best to cooperate with local, State, Federal and private agencies in order to maximize the availability of funds to meet the specific economic needs of the Latino population, with the objective of leveraging such funds to the greatest degree possible.

Objectivos de la Comisión

Los Supervisores del condado de Santa Cruz tienen varias comisiones que dan recomendaciones tocantes diferentes asuntos relativos a los servicios y programas que proveen. La Comisión de asuntos Latinos del Condado de Santa Cruz ( Latino Affairs Commission) se estableció bajo la autoridad de los supervisores quienes apuntan nueve miembros, 4 de parte de los supervisores, 2 de la cuidad de Watsonville y 2 de la iudad de Santa Cruz.

Regularmente, la Comisión se junta el primer miércoles de cado otro mes comenzando con el mes de Febrero. Para más información, por favor llame a Ana Ventura Phares, Personnel Department, 454-2935.

Para asegurar que los intereses de la población de Latinos son protegidos y promovidos, la Comisión tiene la responsabilidad de aconsejar los supervisores tocantes problemas significantes que afrentan los residentes Latinos del condado, revisar las necesidades, y recomendar metas y objetivos comprensivos para cumplir tales necesidades.

Commission Vacancies

To apply for a County Advisory Body,
View our Application For Appointment.